Alcohol Ink Painting – Watercolor Techniques For Painting Lessons

We offer Painting Lessons to all levels. Normaly, the subjects they cover range from still landscapes and life to experimental methods. Also, they offer Watercolor Painting. Alcohol Ink Painting course, for artists of any kind, are the most challenging skill to acquire because they cannot be faked.

The unmanageability and alterability of watercolours makes it the most fascinating and expressive medium to use for figure drawing and painting. The ability to veer between complete control and total incompetence throughout the painting makes it one of the more engaging medias. You can develop your passion and become more skilled later.

Watercolors are usually made up of transparent pigments that have been thinned out. To this thinking came some delicate, beautiful paintings. Modern day watercolours allow for greater material freedom and method flexibility.

American Watercolor Society no longer allows pastels or collages, but does allow acrylic, egg tempera (water media), gouache and water-media watercolor.

A watercolor is the perfect medium to create the finished artwork. The pigments hang in the water-soluble carrier. Live Models can be made.

The world of mixed-media opens up a whole new range of possibilities by moving away from the traditional concept of watercolor. It is a form of art that can be addictive to combine watercolor, ink and other water-based mediums with watercolor.

A painting can develop its own life and energy by re-constructing, destroying, modifying, and editing. You, being a part of the Community of Professional Artists, are almost a cajoler, watcher, spectator and knower as the painting slowly comes alive.

Paint Lessons requires the most basic technique of watercolor called flat wash. Mixing pigments after wetting paper is the way to make it. The entire area can be easily covered by mixing enough pigment.