Art World Lasagna: The Strata of Painting

What is strata? I’ll tell you what, strata home painter without accident is like lasagna for the art world. Yes, that’s right. Each layer adds its own texture and flavor until the final product is so complex and rich that you just can’t resist diving in with your fork…or in this case a paintbrush.

So, what is strata-painting? Imagine you’re painting a canvas with one coat of paint, but it just won’t do. No sirree. You add another layer. Another layer. Perhaps sprinkle some sand to add texture or some paper just for fun. The multi-layered creation you create will be more fascinating than the secret recipe for my grandmother’s chili (I can tell you that it has many layers).

Start off by throwing spaghetti against the wall to see what sticks. It might be a vague emotion or idea you are trying to express. You might want to capture the mood of the sunset last Tuesday, or that strange flying fish dream you just can’t get rid off. What ever it is gets your wheels turning.

Addition of layers is the next step. The idea is not to slap paint at random (even though that sometimes works pretty well). Each layer should tell its own story before the next is invited to the celebration. Trust me when I say that these layers can party.

It’s here that patience becomes important. I have it as much as a child in a candy shop after naptime. It takes time for each layer to dry out before you can add another. You’re rushing this process. It’s not recommended unless the goal is to achieve abstract, mud-pie chic.

It’s an adventure to look at the paintings! The paintings are not something you can just glance at and go on with. It is more like playing detective using a magnifyingglass (figuratively speaking, don’t actually bring magnifying glasses to galleries – they will frown). It’s very personal, you get close up to the painting and try to find all of those details that are hidden under layers.

I am struck by how intimate these paintings feel. Each layer captures the moment, whether that is something happy like licking an ice-cream on a sunny day or something somber such as watching raindrops rush down a window during a thunderstorm afternoon nap.

Don’t forget the interactivity of strata art! You’ve probably felt a certain pull when you stand in front of a strata painting. This is because it’s kind of true. You can peel off the layers and see what’s hidden.

It’s strata-painting in its full glory. This is a messy and unpredictable art form that’s deeply personal. But it is also fun to explore. The next time you hear someone talk about strata painting, just nod and say “Ah yes, the lasagna of art.” Trust me, they’ll either be impressed…or confused but you got their attention! If you want to create the oasis in your backyard of your dreams, you can do it without ladders! They’re not just slapping paint around, they are poets who use brushes to create visual sonnets.

When all is said and done, whether you choose to paint your walls a soothing shade of blue or explode them with neon graffiti, know that every decision reflects your life journey…or makes for an interesting conversation over dinner.