Rhinoplasty to Improve Breathing and Enhance Beauty

Nasal Plastic Surgery or “Nose Job” is the process of changing the bones and cartilages that make up the nose to enhance its appearance. Many patients seek this type surgery because they feel their nose doesn’t fit in with the rest their face. The nose can be excessively big (or small), crooked and/or have a hump. An attractive nose will generally draw the eye to the person rather than the nose Facial plastic surgeon michigan.

Dr. Amir is a specialist in rhinoplasty, and performs at least 15 rhinoplasties each month. Visit our pages for ethnic rhinoplasty, revision rhinoplasty, and more.

Your final result will be determined by the skill and experience of your surgeon. To evaluate your surgeon, it is best to look at several before and after pictures from various angles. Our San Diego office welcomes nasal surgery patients from around the country.

Nasal Surgery: Examples Click HERE for Patient Videos [Click the photo to expand] [Click the photo to increase] Before (front) after rhinoplasty After (side) after rhinoplasty View more Rhinoplasty photos Surgical Philosophy
Rhinoplasty surgery involves both art and science. The surgeon will listen to what the patient wants to improve and then combine this with his own aesthetic standards to get the best possible outcome. The goal is to achieve a beautiful, natural-looking nose that is both attractive and aesthetic. The science behind rhinoplasty is about creating a durable nose that can withstand time, maintain its structural integrity and function as an breathing organ.

Consultation on Rhinoplasty

You will meet with our patient care co-ordinator who will make sure that your consultation is as informative and fun as possible. For medical records, photos will be taken. Dr. Amir will examine you and discuss your concerns in depth.

We use computer imaging in our San Diego offices to improve patient understanding and help set realistic goals. We use the computer to show our rhinoplasty clients what they might look like after the surgery. This generally leads to more satisfaction. Patients may also benefit from additional procedures, such as cervical (neck) or chin liposuction.

Before and after: Rhinoplasty chin implant with cervical liposuction
It is essential to plan your rhinoplasty to include any necessary functional surgery that will correct the blocked breathing pathways in the nose. This could be due to a deviated septum or hypertrophy in the nasal turbinates. It may also relate to an inward movement of the sidewalls of your nose when you breathe (a nasal valve collapse). Your insurance may cover this part of the rhinoplasty if you have a nasal valve collapse.

The Surgery

Many rhinoplasty procedures can be done without any external incisions. Open Rhinoplasty may be the best option if the nose needs advanced tip shaping or reconstruction in the middle third. In the open method, a short incision is made along the bottom portion of the nose. This allows for direct visualization of nasal components. This open rhinoplasty procedure heals with a scar that is not visible to the patient. Dr. Amir, an experienced facial surgeon, is equally comfortable using either the “open” (or “endonasal”) approach or the “endonasal”.

Our certified, fully staffed surgical facility can perform the rhinoplasty in one to three hour. The majority of our San Diego patients go home in the afternoon. Some who are traveling a distance will stay over night at Radisson. For facial plastic surgeries, the anesthesia is either general anesthesia (IV sedation) or general anesthesia. This depends on the patient’s preferences and how long they are having done.

When you wake up from your surgery, the external splint will cover the nose. It is there to protect it and hold the nasal bone in place. The splint should remain in place until the end of one week. Although pain is usually minimal, patients will receive pain medications, antibiotics, and anti-swelling medication. You may have difficulty breathing the first few days, but a post-operative visit in our San Diego office will allow you to remove a tiny piece of gauze from the nose. After that, you should be comfortable breathing.

Some patients can return to their jobs or schools after two to three day, but most choose to take a vacation around the surgery. After rhinoplasty you can expect to see some swelling, bruising and occasional bleeding. Your nose will look very good after a week. After surgery, swelling or edema should subside within the first week. You may however notice slight changes in your nose for as long as 3 months.